Non-Invasive Fire Suppression System Inspection

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Sonic Inspection services were developed to maximize the in-service life of Fire Suppression Systems and to prevent unwarranted replacement of entire systems. From pipe and fire inspections to comprehensive NFPA compliant reporting and documentation, we are your complete fire suppression system inspection solution.


Sonic Inspection specializes in performing non-invasive pipe inspections for fire suppression systems that utilize steel or galvanized pipe. These systems are typically:

  • Wet fire sprinkler systems
  • Dry fire sprinkler systems
Other systems that may utilize steel or galvanized pipe include:
  • CO2 fire suppression systems
  • Wet chemical fire suppression systems
  • Dry chemical fire suppression systems
  • Clean agent fire suppression systems
  • Deluge fire suppression systems
  • Pre-action fire suppression systems
Our patented Ultrasonic Guided Wrap Wave scanning technology allows us to perform inspections compliant with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requirements without opening or shutting down the Fire Suppression System (FSS).  


Our Non-invasive inspection technology allows us to quickly, quietly, and accurately inspect the internal conditions of all accessible pipe. Every inspection is compliant with NFPA 25 code requirements for the inspection, testing, and maintenance of water based fire protection systems.
Our advanced technology, combined with our industry leading processes and methodologies, ensures NFPA compliant, accurate data collection and will expedite and simplify the building inspection process.


Our results are quantifiable, enabling our customers to make informed educated decisions based on data. Every inspection includes complete NFPA compliant reporting and documentation to simplify ongoing evaluation and maintenance over the service life of the system.
Sonic Inspection allows businesses to operate without system shutdowns or a Fire Watch. Our services eliminate any business interruptions during testing services, allowing your business complete operational uptime.


Sonic Inspection’s patented Ultrasonic Guided Wrap Wave (GWT) pipe inspection and testing services are revolutionizing the way fire sprinkler pipe inspections are being done. This non-invasive scientifically proven technology allows us to map and inspect the internal pipe integrity of any suitably accessible fire sprinkler pipe system without shutting the fire suppression system down or destructively cutting into the system. Ultrasonic Guided Wrap Wave technology allows us to quickly evaluate and detect a variety of factors and issues associated with Fire Suppression Systems including:

  • Scale Build-up
  • Corrosion Build-up
  • Trapped Air
  • Trapped Water
  • Wall Loss/Degradation
  • Remaining Wall Thickness
  • Wall Loss/Degradation
  • Obstructions
This industry changing proprietary technology allows Sonic Inspection to perform accurate and comprehensive wet and dry fire suppression system sprinkler pipe inspections that are compliant with the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA 25) requirements for Fire Suppression Systems including:
  • Five Year Assessment of the Fire Suppression System (5YA)
  • Obstruction Investigation of the Fire Suppression System
In addition to the most comprehensive (66 multi-point), fire sprinkler pipe system inspection and testing available, Sonic Inspection’s Ultrasonic Guided Wrap Wave pipe inspection technology includes complete extensive and accurate NFPA compliant data documentation and reporting. This will provide business owners with the factual data needed to make informed decisions regarding Fire Suppression System maintenance, repair and replacement.

Sonic Inspection is the leader in Fire Suppression System pipe system inspection and testing. Our patented Ultrasonic Guided Wrap Wave pipe inspection technology is the preferred method for inspecting fire suppression systems. Ultrasonic Guided Wrap Wave pipe inspection and testing services Quick Facts:
  • No Down Time of fire suppression system.
  • No Disassembly of fire suppression system.
  • No Destructive Access to fire suppression system.
  • No Disruption to Business Operations.
  • No Risks associated with inactive fire suppression system.
  • Safe for use around people, animals, food services.
  • Safe for use around office equipment, electronic equipment.
  • Safe for use around product inventory, production equipment/machinery.

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