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Scanning pipe

We are a non-invasive fire sprinkler inspection company conducting code compliant National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) inspections on both wet and dry systems. By using our patented Ultrasonic Guided Wrap Wave scanning technology, opening or shutting down a Fire Suppression System (FSS) is obsolete. Our technology, combined with our processes and methodologies, ensures accurate data collection for many NFPA code required inspections.

building inspections

"How?" is a question we hear from many people. By using our technology, we inspect and assess fire sprinkler piping accurately and efficiently. As long as the pipe is accessible, we can inspect its internal condition quickly, quietly, and accurately. Our results are quantifiable enabling our customers to make educated decisions. Sonic Inspection services were developed to prevent the full replacement of Fire Sprinkler Systems.


Sonic Inspection allows business' to operate without system shutdowns or a Fire Watch. Our services eliminate any business interruptions during testing services, allowing your business complete operational uptime.

The Highest Quality Non - Invasive Fire Sprinkler System Inspection Service

Thanks to innovation, we are able to provide the highest quality of service to our customers